The Living Sessions – Behind The Scenes (BTS) Journey series – The people that make it happen

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We feel really excited to share with you The Living Sessions’ BTS journey series. These BTS Journey series are stories telling the unedited journey of the people that make it happen.

We often see the final product of a production, we often see the big names headlining each project, however, as every talented person on the mic often say that no project would be possible without an entire team of talented, extraordinary, unique, and exceptional people that constitute the “behind the scenes”.  At The Living Sessions we believe that the stories of people that cross our path are truly inspirational and decided to share them with our community in these Behind The Scenes (BTS) journey series.

Join the journey of the beautiful souls that cross our paths and strive to make a difference with their work.


Stay tuned! Coming soon: The Living Sessions #BTS journey series

Check out the full gallery: BTS Journey series photo gallery

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