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We often see the final product of a production, we often see the big names headlining each project, however, as every talented person on the mic often say that no project would be possible without an entire team of talented, extraordinary, unique, and exceptional people that constitute the “behind the scenes”.  At The Living Sessions we believe that the stories of people that cross our path are truly inspirational and decided to share them with our community in these Behind The Scenes (BTS) journey series.  This is the journey of: Ferid Hasbun, a passionate Camera Specialist.

Ferid Hasbun

We hear people say things like: always do what makes you happy, but only a few accomplish this dream. A dream that requires a unique talent, an extraordinary amount of preparation, conviction, and an exceptional character, this summed up with great amount of work, passion, but most importantly love for your journey.  These are some of the attributes I may use to describe the journey and work of Oscar Ferid Hasbun Alcala AKA Ferid Hasbun.

Ferid Hasbun


His childhood memories take place in San Gil Santander, a “magical town” as Ferid called his native town.  San Gil is a municipality in the Department of Santander in northeastern beautiful Colombia.  The town was founded in 1689 by Don Gil Cabrera y Dávalos & Leonardo Correa De Betancurt and in 2004 was named the tourist capital region due to the fact that San Gil offers several opportunities to be in touch with nature, something that Ferid remembers fondly along with colorful memories of his maternal grandparents.

Courtesy of: Indiana Bradley

From the magical town of San Gil Colombia, Ferid Hasbun embarked in an unique journey where at the age of 13 he met Zürich for the first time. Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland, a city with more than 6400 years of history. Giant financial institutions, museum, art galleries, and technology were part of Ferid’s new world.  Ferid went from being monolingual to polyglot as he speaks, Spanish, English, German, Swiss German, French, and Italian.  In Zurich, he began a new life, a life where he reunited with his mother, found a new family and friends, a new world.  In Zurich, Ferid attended KV Business School and F+F School for Art & Media Design, worked as a, IT Administrative Supervisor, and discovered his love for photography and the arts.

Courtesy of: Zurich Tourism

Ferid’s journey led him to develop his unique talent and combine it with the love for capturing images, his colorful life experiences, and his passion for photography. Ferid then embarked onto the next part of his journey by moving to the most populous city of the United States, The City of New York wherein Ferid celebrated his 30th birthday while studying Filmmaking at New York Academy.  While in the US, Ferid Hasbun decided to continue refining his exceptional skills and decided to relocate to the city of Angels, the city where all the magic happens, where true stories inspire and dreams come true, Los Angeles, California.  This Camera Specialist continues to enlighten and, while he attends the Los Angeles branch of the New York Film Academy, advances in his career in the camera department by working in lead positions in the production of several Feature and Short Movies, TV, music videos, and digital content with top talent as 1st and 2nd Assistant Camera, Camera Operator, Photographer, and Videographer.

Ferid Hasbun

Ferid Hasbun continues extending his unique talent and experiences while working on projects with a special cause, such as commercials for non-profit organizations or the LBGTQ community. This allows him to obtain professional and personal growth while revealing the images that have archived throughout his journey. Check out the following link for Ferid’s filmography and complete list of completed projects. Definitely a source of inspiration.

Gallery of pictures: Follow link

By: Julieta Isela Creator/Publisher/Host of #TLS
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